No One Told Danyelle Sargent Bill Walsh Was Dead

Being a sideline reporter isn’t exactly the hardest job in the world, nor is it really that necessary. I mean, when a player gets injured and then heads to the locker room, they show it on the broadcast. There really is no need to go to Suzy Kolber and ask her for news on it when all she is going to say is “He’s gone back to the locker room for further evaluation.” We know, we saw it.

Danyelle Sargent

Still, networks know that a nice way to keep that male demographic they cherish so much watching is by putting some eye candy on the screen. It’s why Erin Andrews is so popular, but at least in Erin’s case she actually knows what she’s talking about. The same cannot be said for Fox sideline reporter Danyelle Sargent. She interviewed new San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary before the game - and before Singletary’s epic undressing of Vernon Davis - and let’s see if you can figure out where she went wrong.

(Video courtesy of FAN IQ)

Other questions Sargent meant to ask Samurai Mike included, but weren’t limited to: Who are you going to vote for next month - Al Gore or George W. Bush? Are you going to start Joe Montana or Steve Young today? And finally, how much marble could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck marble?

Maybe Mike should have sent Danyelle to the locker rooms early as well.