Lingerie Bowl Hung Out To Dry For 2nd Straight Yr

Adrian Ross isn’t the only one to have his scantily-clad Super Bowl shindig scuttled. The EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE reports that there’ll be no Lingerie Bowl performed this year.

Lingerie Bowl

Organizers blame the city of Scottsdale for “wasting their time” trying to obtain a permit for the halftime extravaganza. It was their first attempt at holding the game in the same Super Bowl-host city, as the previous pay-per-view contests were played & taped at the L.A. Coliseum.

It will be the second year in a row viewers will be denied a chance to see gals decked in pads, panties & push-up bras playing pigskin.

2007’s Bowl was also nixed, with promoters blaming the cancellation on trying to switch the broadcast from PPV to cable. In other words, no one was buying.

Too bad about this year. Now we won’t get to enjoy Jenna Jameson’s valuable insights as color commentator.

Jenna Jameson Preying Mantis Lingerie Bowl

Good thing she still has her fabulous looks to fall back on.