No Charges Against Chris Henry’s Former Fiancee

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police announced today it will not press charges against Chris Henry’s former fiancee Loleini Tonga after the former NFL player dropped off the back of a pickup truck and died following a domestic dispute.

Chris Henry Killed in Car Accident

Police claimed that there was no evidence that Tonga was speeding or driving the vehicle recklessly.

Should Loleini Tonga have been charged by Charlotte Police for anything?

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Tonga previously claimed that she was not driving the truck too fast but did not stop because there was no place to pullover on the road where Henry came out of the truck. Tonga also said that Henry did not jump from the truck.

A neighbor of Tonga is on the record stating that Henry said he was going to kill himself if Tonga did not stop the truck. Tonga said Henry never said he was suicidal.

So I suppose we’re suppose to file this under an accident.

Following an autopsy, the Mecklenburg Medical Examiner reported Henry died of blunt force trauma to the head from a fall.