Nick Collison’s Tweets Spark OKC Radio Meltdown

Does the name Jenni Carlson ring a bell? Maybe a little bit, but you can’t remember from where? Would it help if we said the words, “I’m a man,” “I’m 40,” and “GARBIDGE”? Ah yes, now you remember: she was the columnist whose hit piece on an Oklahoma State quarterback prompted one of the most memorable hissyfits, courtesy of OSU head coach Mike Gundy. Watch here for a trip down memory lane.

Nick Collison Red Afro
(Turns out the heat’s just terrible for his hair.)

We bring up Carlson today not for a gratuitous Gundy mention, but because she’s in the news again for pulling another “watch me read too much into the wrong detail” column and prompting another meltdown. This time, she set her sights on Thunder forward Nick Collison, who had the audacity to post on Twitter that he liked the weather in Seattle better than in Oklahoma City. Incredibly, according to the DAILY THUNDER, that was enough for a radio host to lose his s**t.

That radio host would be Jim Traber, heretofore best known for getting kicked in the face after charging the mound in Japan (thanks, MR. IRRELEVANT). But after reading the Carlson piece, Traber decided Collison was dissing the OKC and should, of course, be run straight out of town.

Now, this is patently unfair to Collison, who is one of the league’s nicest guys (it’s no wonder; he’s a native Iowan). The entirety of his “anti-OKC” Tweets, if you even want to call them that, have been weather-related. And yes, 105 is too hot.

So Collison went on the radio to defend himself, and what resulted was a cringe-worthy circus of bloviation on Traber’s part. If you can stomach it, give it a listen.

Yes, it’s like 15 minutes of Traber putting words in Collison’s mouth and protecting Thunder fans from imaginary slights. It’s pure agony.

There are two things at work here: one, that a radio station has given a show to somebody utterly incapable of rational thought and the ability to recognize when he is no longer making sense. He does a good job of cloaking it in populist rhetoric - he’s just doing it for Thunder fans, you see, and how dare you oppose him and the Thunder by proxy - but he’s so full of garbage that it’s impossible to take a word of it seriously.

The other is that a basketball player was profiled by a reporter with a history of questionable editorial decisions (and who didn’t even bother to contact him, as Collison tells Traber), and a predictable backlash ensues. It’s a shame, because the Tweets in question were utterly innocuous and it’s only a ferocious sense of inferiority on Traber’s part fueling his inane rants. Or, in other words, Traber’s acting like that really crazy girlfriend you had in college, the one who would start screaming about disrespect if you so much as glanced at someone else a block away.

Either way, Traber’s doing an excellent, excellent job of making sure Collison feels welcome in OKC and will definitely want to come back when it’s time for free agency.