Nice Tattoos, Michael Beasley, But Is That Weed?

Michael Beasley, like most of the NBA, has tattoos. He’s covered in them, as a matter of fact. And as you can see, he’s not at all shy about sharing them, as he recently posted this shot on Twitpic:

Super Cool Beas Michael Beasley tattoo 2
(Wait, “Super Cool Beas”?)

And while this all seems like rather standard fare, you might want to take a closer look at the table in the lower right of the picture. Specifically, next to the bottle of 7up. Mike, is that… is that weed?

[UPDATE: According to the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL, Beasley has since closed his Twitter account, which was @GorillaBeas. However, his Twitpic account, where the picture was in question was uploaded, is still active as of Sunday evening and is still linked as the original source in the first paragraph of our article.]

Super Cool Beas Michael Beasley tattoo
(Kinda looks like it, right?)

First things first: we’re not going to sit here and look down on Beasley for burning the hippie lettuce. The big issue is that it’s illegal, not that it’s harmful (and yes, we acknowledge that’s a very problematic setup, but there are different forums for that discussion than this). Moreover, we don’t know what Beasley’s contract looks like, but we’d be shocked if nothing in the CBA or his contract expressly forbids smoking chiba.

And also important to get out of the way: that’s not confirmed to be weed. The picture’s a little inconclusive, and it’s certainly not enough by itself to merit a suspension, much less a criminal charge.

That said, we do know what a dime bag looks like, and that bag looks a whole lot like what used to sit on our coffee table back in the college days. Moreover, there’s not much else that sits around in a baggie in young peoples’ bedrooms like that.

And then last, all right, we’re not here to judge other people’s ink. Buuuuut… “Super Cool Beas” with some sunglasses hanging off the S? Really? You can’t call yourself “cool” in your own tattoo! There was one other guy who tried that, and, um…

Mr. Cool Ice tattoo
(Just sayin’.)

Not the right company to keep, if you ask us.

[UPDATE #2: Beasley has since entered rehab, according to YAHOO! SPORTS.]