NHL Owner Blocks Public Email After Nasty Notes

When Washington Capitals Owner Ted Leonsis trumpeted to the media that he was giving out his personal email address to fans, I thought that was pretty damn smart. It was a great public relations ploy to get fans thinking they had a responsive owner.

Ted Leonsis Teri Hatcher

(Leonsis doesn’t appreciate your emails, implants)

And OF COURSE Leonsis would never check it anyway, since any dumbass knows the kind of responses Leonsis was sure to troll up.

Well Ted, I’d like to apologize for calling you a dumbass.

From Leonsis’ blog, TED’S TAKE:

I have made myself incredibly accessible to our fans and I mostly enjoy the interaction but it is becoming apparent that some fans abuse me and have gotten into the habit of just firing off hurtful missives about me personally or about our team; certain players on our team; or our fan base.

To be direct, we don’t deserve it and the abuse is probably the reason that most professional sports team owners don’t open their mailbox to fans.Without more restraint from some of you, I will be forced to shut down my email access. It is making the process of listening to our fan base too noisy and, frankly, it isn’t much fun.

I think it’s safe to say that Leonsis is one of the better owners in the NHL. He’s been honest with Caps fans over the years and has made a consistent effort to make the club a Stanley Cup contender.

But as one of the founders of AOL, you would’ve though he’d have been smart enough not to make his email public. One more reason I suppose that AOL is in the shape it’s in (I know, he’s long gone from the company but it shows an astonishing lack of internet savvy.)