NHL Owner Leonsis Uses Blog To Backhand Actress Hatcher And Celebrate Own Celebrity

NAME-DROPPING NHL OWNER’S HATCHER JOB: Washington Capitals Owner Ted Leonsis has a blog, and he used it recently to backhand actress Teri Hatcher for not recognizing him - and celebrate his own microscopic kernel of celebrity.

Ted Leonsis Teri Hatcher

Leonsis, who made a mint as an early-days executive at AOL, also fancies himself as a movie producer (who doesn’t?). So he was hobknobbing with his family at a Sundance Movie Festival “gifting suite” recently and ran across actress Teri Hatcher, who he claimed to have met twice before.

The latest face-to-face with the Desperate Housewives star (predictably) didn’t go well for Leonsis: “And who saddles up to me but Teri Hatcher and her handlers, followed by a crew of camera people! I had actually met Teri twice before-and I introduced myself-but could tell that she didn’t recognize me and probably thought I was some older crazed fan or something.”

If Hatcher did recognize Leonsis, do you really think he would’ve mentioned her “handlers” in the post?

Leonsis continues, “I stepped outside and waited for my family to come out. There was a crowd of people and cameramen set up to film Teri as she triumphantly left the gifting suite.

So Hatcher eventually ends up on the street with Leonsis, and “A SUV stops right in front of us on Main street, the windows roll down to reveal four faces. Teri looks at them and waves. Then the people in the SUV start to chant, ‘Let’s go Caps! Let’s go Caps!’

A man jumps out of the car, runs up and asks to have his picture taken with me. The crowd of photographers is totally confused now. Teri looks at me. I look at her and start to laugh. I hug the guy who gets his photo taken with me. He doesn’t know Teri Hatcher is standing right next to us.

What Teri Hatcher and the aforementioned “crowd of photographers” were thinking at that moment:

Ted Leonsis

Gene Shalit has really been piling on the pounds!