NFL Network Credibility Lies With Bald Truth Tellers

NFL’S CRED LIES WITH BALD TRUTH-TELLERS: With a wave a discontent over lack of cable access to the NFL Network refusing to ebb, the PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE has the good sense to settle the debate once and for all.

The Pennsylvania daily provides the ultimate solution by giving an op-ed platform to a man reknowned for his understanding of the nuances of cable TV and its relationship with the discriminating football fan - along with helping steer Americans away from needless conflict: Al Sharpton.

Rich Eisen - Shave It, Please

Nearly as persuasive are the arguments (on the NFL’s behalf *shock*) presented in the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS by Rich “Please, for the love of god, just SHAVE IT!” Eisen.

Some folks unfairly question Eisen’s credibility, saying that his undying allegiance to his employer, the NFL, classifies him as a company man.

But the NFL would’ve never hired the ESPN castoff if the league didn’t fully understand that he was devoted to covering serious sports endeavors, like, for instance, a nudie magazine-sponsored *sport* called “Model Boxing“:

Rich Eisen Nudie Magazine Party