New York Stadiums Taking Hostility To New Level

Remember our story earlier today about the Yankees Stadium security guards who wouldn’t let fans back in a game after they told those same fans it was canceled? It turns out that’s not the only incident of arbitrary, adversarial authoritarianism run amok in the Big Apple - and it’s even spreading to both new NY stadiums.

Paul O'Neill doff
(The Yankees’ current #1 security threat, apparently.)

That’s Paul O’Neill (above), whom our readers over the ripe age of 12 would remember as a beloved Yankee outfielder. He now works as a broadcaster for the YES network (”YES,” of course, stands for “Constant Yankee Verbal Fellatio.” They got the letters in the acronym wrong). He was out by the batting cages during warmups this weekend, which is basically what every announcer does ever, when according to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, security told him he couldn’t “loiter” and made him leave. Then they decided to make things personal.

O’Neill had another reason to be perturbed. Security would not allow his wife, Nevalee, into the Stadium “wives room.” She was told by security it was for “current” wives only.

Just a reminder: Paul O’Neill is a man whose job it is to speak directly to millions of Yankee fans on a daily basis. He has a much, much larger audience than, say… the head of security at the stadium. Just tossing that out there.

But the Pinstriped Gestapo weren’t through. They then set their sights on the Angels broadcasters who, for obvious reasons, travel with their franchise. One of the two broadcasting teams was watching the game from an empty broadcasting booth since they weren’t active that day. Again, we’re not making this up - security booted them as well, then wouldn’t allow them to sit in any of the empty, overpriced seats closer to the field.

There’s been no official word, as near as we can tell, from stadium personnel as to why the crackdowns have become more severe. It’s not like the Queen of England’s in town or anything. Perhaps it’s part of a larger media-war strategy that also involves skyrocketing prices for media outlets to file updates or use a trailer at the game. Maybe they’re just a**holes.

Whatever it is, it makes the Mets’ decision to ban the NEW YORK POST and Daily News from their clubhouse - prompting this ludicrously inflammatory response from the Post - seem downright hospitable by comparison. What the hell is going on over there?