UCF Stadium Bounces When Fans Jump Around

UCF FANS KEEP NEW STADIUM REALLY ROCKIN’ & ROLLIN’: Excitement with the University of Central Florida football team and new stadium have fans shaking in the stands - literally:

UCF fans

The ORLANDO SENTINEL reports that seat-dwellers at Bright House Networks Stadium have discovered that strong & simultaneous jumping can make the stands bounce.

UCF bounce graphic

Fans get into the rocking rhythm when Zombie Nation is played over the loudspeakers. Some have nicknamed the new stadium “The Trampoline”.

Some spectators are worried that the bombardment of bouncing could be causing structural damage. But UCF officials and engineers say they’ve inspected the stadium, and The Trampoline appears to be safe.

Bright House Stadium will be bouncing again on Saturday, as a capacity crowd is expected to see the Golden Knights take on Tulsa in the Conference USA Championship Game.