New Ernie Banks Statue: Cubbies’ Grammar Goof

Chicago has long held a torrid and very public love affair with the written word. The University of Chicago Press prints more books than any other university press in the world. Many of the largest textbook publishers in the world have offices in the Chicago area. Studs Terkel, Mike Royko, Carl Sandburg… heck, the Dictionary Evangelist is a Chicagoan!

Ernie Banks Statue Goof

(Let’s try again)

Unfortunately, every last one of the language lovers has had reason to twitch in the last 48 hours when the Chicago Cubs and their fans proved that they’re sometimes lucky they can communicate well enough to order an Old Style. For example, the Cubs screwed up their long-awaited ode to Ernie Banks by leaving a typo on his statue.

Apparently, all of the copyeditors have been laid off at the Tribune Company and the Chicago Cubs, as the rather crucial apostrophe of Ernie Banks’ famous slogan seemingly wandered off to the 7-Eleven across the street to grab a Slim Jim. As of Wednesday morning, the error had been corrected. Thank goodness someone in the city owned a chisel and a sense of lexicographic decency.

Cubs fans and Japanese

(Turning Japanese? I don’t think so)

If the Cubs can’t handle English, they should really encourage their fans to avoid Japanese. Their flailing Google Translate efforts to support their new team member, Kosuke Fukudome, with Japanese script just left Japanese fans cringing. Let’s stay in the kiddie end of the pool for awhile, Cubs fans, and stick with learning how to eat Chicago dogs with chopsticks.

White Sox fans may be gleeful today about the third-grade shame of Cubs fans today, but at least Cubs fans didn’t reach the third letter of “socks”, grow frustrated with the super-tough long word, and then abbreviate it with an ‘x’.

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