MLS Soccer Players Subdue Streaker During Flight

As the New England Revolution was flying to Los Angeles on Friday, some members of the MLS soccer team were probably expecting to see some craziness & maybe a little nudity when they arrived in California. However, they certainly weren’t expecting to see it in mid-flight.

New England Revolution soccer streaker

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that players were treated to an eventful journey on the American Airlines flight, as a passenger stripped naked & tried to open an emergency exit door.

According to the FBI, the passenger on the Boston-to-LA flight had gone to the bathroom and came back out having taken all his clothes off. When asked to put his clothes back on, the man went back into the bathroom and did. But when he came out again, he tried to open an emergency exit.

Luckily, other passengers & crew - including Revolution players & staff - grabbed & subdued the man, placing him in tie wraps. The flight was diverted to Oklahoma City, where the nude nut was removed from the flight, and the plane took off an hour later L.A.-bound once again.

We’re sure the Revolution guys would have preferred to deal with this streaker instead:

Tiffany May soccer streaker