NCAA Cuts Hooters Ad From Final Four Program

Sure, the NCAA will gladly grab money from any corporate entity willing to fork over the dough. Even ads for Hooters (starring college b-ball’s favorite son Dick Vitale) have made a good run during March Madness coverage.

Dick Vitale's Banned NCAA Tournament Commercial

But when it comes to the buxom restaurant chain & the NCAA, what’s good for the tube apparently isn’t fit for print.

PR NEWS WIRE reports that on Thursday the NCAA decided to remove a full-page Hooters ad from the official Final Four program. What was the shocking image that cause such consternation that it had to be cut?

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NCAA banned Hooters ad

Honestly, we fail to see what the problem is. Is it the grammatical error of the missing comma after “awesome”?

The NCAA apparently told the wing & breast merchants that they would allow the ad to run if the Hooters Girl was taken out of the picture. Yet, the original ad with girl involved had supposedly been okayed for the presses a few weeks earlier.

Upon hearing of the new demands, Hooters marketing VP Mike McNeil responded, “That would be like telling General Motors you can advertise but don’t show a picture of a car.”

We’re not sure why the NCAA would get into such a tizzy over the ad, considering that college coeds have been showing much more risque shots without any financial compensation.

Might there be some moral outrage against the eatery from the NCAA higher-ups? If so, isn’t this the same athletic organization that allowed the same chain to sponsor a collegiate golf tournament - a women’s collegiate golf tournament?

The whole thing smacks of hypocrisy. Or maybe it was a covert attempt to save spectators from the sight of Dickie V in their reading material.