NBAer On Fiancée’s Reality Show: “Disgusted”

In the most recent episode of VH1’s Basketball Wives reality show titled “Cheating Spouses”, current Orlando Magic player Matt Barnes appeared in an excruciatingly uncomfortable scene with his fiancée Gloria, who is a regular on the show, and two other regular cast members.

Matt Barnes Appears On VH1 Basketball Wives

In the scene, Barnes is essentially ambushed by Jennifer Williams (wife of ex-NBA player Eric Williams) and Evelyn Lozada (Antoine Walker’s baby mama) who do everything but accuse Barnes of straying from his engagement. In the show’s previous episode, Eric Williams admitted on camera to cheating on wife Jennifer while he played in the NBA.

This week Barnes guested on the Jim Rome radio show and was asked about the VH1 reality show.

One guess what his reaction was.

“I was 100% against it. Shaunie O’Neal approached my fiancee (Gloria) and I was really apprehensive about it. They kept approaching my fiancee Gloria about it back and forth and back and forth and I was really against it.

“My fiancee talked to the producers and went through everything and felt good about it. I definitely backed her (on the decision to go on the show).

“But after watching the first show I was disgusted. I told my team (Orlando Magic) because Dwight (Howard) is involved in that too, that I’m not going to be watching that because I know it’s going to make me mad. I’m going to watch it at the end of the season.

“What they say is going to happen and what actually happens is two different things. Reality TV is a joke, everything is scripted. There’s nothing reality about reality TV.

“If you want to have me back on (the Rome show) at the end of the season, once I won’t be able to get fined for what I say, I’ll definitely say what I think about that.”

Matt: I think you covered it big bruh.

The embarrassing appearance by Barnes and his fiancée on the show couldn’t have come at a worst time for the NBA player. Barnes, who to this point in his career has been an NBA journeyman, has played well enough this season to merit a possible multi-year contract extension from the Magic. And the Magic are smack in the middle of the playoffs.

Barnes mentioned Dwight Howard being “involved” in the show, but Howard had no control over his baby mama Royce Reed going on the show. Also, Reed is not legally allowed to talk about Howard or their prior relationship. That’s a far cry from having your current fiancée as a regular on the show and appearing on it yourself.

Barnes has played for eight teams in seven seasons in his NBA career, and just as it appears he finally may have found a home in the NBA - on a title-contending team no less - he allows his himself to get roped into a nationally-televised production that will have nothing but a negative effect on his career.

Is it unfair to conclude that that sort of bad decision making gives a pretty prominent clue why Barnes has been asked to pack his bags by so many NBA teams?