Navy Losing Streak Against Notre Dame Thanks To Perry Hudspeth

NAVY TRIES TO EXORCISE THE GHOST OF PERRY HUDSPETH: We grew up in a Notre Dame family. Father, brother, cousin (we went to Univ. of Georgia, which we’re quite happy about, actually). But we spent many an autumn as a kid dozing in the ND dorms and watching really bad football (thanks Gerry!).

Notre Dame Navy

So if you’re in the same boat as us, we don’t have to tell you that tomorrow’s game against Navy is BY FAR the biggest game (sadly, not the only) left on the Irish schedule. And that’s for one reason only: The streak. Navy has lost to Notre Dame now 43 consecutive times, with the last Middie win in 1963 as Roger Staubach quarterbacked the ol’ goats to a victory.We can’t communicate the importance of this game any better than it was at GO MIDS, which has a wonderful dissertation on the series, and also names the most hated man in Navy football history: Perry Hudspeth.

Excerpt: “All of my rage would most likely be subsided if it weren’t for Perry Hudspeth. In 1999 Navy was ahead 24-21 with 1:20 left in the game. On 4th and 10 from the Navy 37, Notre Dame quarterback Jarious Jackson completed a 9-yard pass to Bobby Brown. Game over right? Not exactly. Linesman Perry Hudspeth moved the ball forward a half a yard.

Navy Notre Dame Cheerleaders

After a measurement, the very tip of the football was past the outreached chains, Notre Dame first down. A few pays latter, Jackson to Jay Johnson for the 16-yard game-winning touchdown. But the game was over. They were clearly short on 4th down, but never the less, another disappointment, another loss.