Hottest Thong-Wearing Footballer Since Beckham

Female athletes are realizing that there’s no shame in being sporty & sexy simultaneously. We’ve shown that with basketball beauty Claudia Porras, and now we have further evidence - English soccer player Natasha Hughes.

Natasha Hughes Thong Modeling Doncaster Soccer Player

UK’s SPORT MAGAZINE profiles Hughes, a 20-year-old defender for the Doncaster Rover Belles club. Natasha admits that sex sells, and she’s not afraid to prove that female footballers can look fantastic.

Natasha Hughes sexy soccer player

I wouldn’t ever want to do anything degrading, but modeling’s definitely an area that I’m interested in - and if a photoshoot like this can help change the image of women’s football, then I think it’s a good thing.”

We think it’s a good thing, too. Where can we sign up for Doncaster season tickets?