Natalin Avci Sizzles On (Who’s Ron Artest?)

As we revealed last week, for the photo shoot on a SPORTS ILLUSTRATED article, we’ll all be treated to one of the choicest dimepieces the world’s ever seen. Also, next to her will be Ron Artest, who we’re told plays the “basket’s ball.” Never heard of him, really, and haven’t we already talked about him enough? Yes, we have, and let’s talk about Natalin Avci instead.

Ron Artest Natalin Acvi 2
(Ho. Lee. S**t.)

Natalin, as you’ve probably deduced, is the friendly young lady seated next to Artest (how’s that even pronounced? Like “artist,” or with the accent on the second syllable? Seriously, never heard of this guy ever).

Ron Artest Natalin Avci Sports Illustrated Photos

(Inset photo)

We can talk more about her in a little bit, but first five words you’ve been waiting for: More pics after the jump. You’re welcome.


Ron Artest Natalin Acvi

Ron Artest Natalin Acvi 3

A little bad news, gentlemen. Since all SbB readers are the most virile of ladyslayers and can bag any famous woman they want (most famous women we’ve ever gotten with? Eleanor Roosevelt. And yes, they’re real.), we regret to inform you that Avci’s TWITTER page includes this profile (emphasis ours):

Actress/model/daughter/sister/wifey/vigilante/superwoman/ humanitarian/OG/GB/Willy Wonka/JUMBO

Yep. And though our readers are obviously gifted in the art of seduction, they’re not adulterers, so off limits guys, sorry. Further, if you’re not interested in actually meeting her and are just plain perverted, more bad news from her modeling profile:

Sorry but I am not intersted in any nude, semi-nude, partially nude or fetish modeling. 

Hey, but you know what? Them’s the breaks. Plus if you don’t think there’s enough porn on the Internet to begin with, well, that’s probably a really bad sign.