Natalie Gulbis Hires PR Firm To Dumb Down Her Sex Symbol Image

GULBIS HIRES PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM TO UGLY-HER-UP: The RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH reports that Natalie Gulbis has hired a public relations firm to get us to forget that she has the bangin’-est body in women’s sports. The PR firm Circle S has been charged by the golfer to apparently remake her image from cheesecake calendar model to serious athlete.

Natalie Gulbis Stretch Photo

Circle S President and Managing Partner Susan Hogg: “With the original stuff, she was in a beautiful bathing suit, tights and things and that certainly got the attention of a lot of people. But we’re trying to scoot it more to who she is and where she wants to take [her career and name].”

Natalie Gulbis

(The appropriately-named) Hogg described the company’s work as “a refinement of a truer image of who she is. Sometimes the media can start to control your brand, and we’re trying to take control of the brand.

Natalie Gulbis Calendar Photo

Gulbis puts out two bikini calendars and it’s the media starting to “control” her brand? We understand that she’s probably tired of the same-sex harassment at The Dinah, but producing a calendar that belongs behind the counter at Cracker Barrel probably isn’t the best way to go about adjusting her image.What this really sounds like to us is the dried-up, old hags at the LPGA have finally got their mud hooks sunk into Gulbis, and they want to dumb down her sexuality and make her as gender-neutral as ever-loving possible - thus guaranteeing her popularity with the Tour’s miniscule fan base.