Nantz Loses Two Houses, $1M Per Year In Divorce

The CONNECTICUT POST breaks down the divorce settlement of Jim and Lorrie Nantz, which the presiding judge claims was not impacted by Nantz cheating on his ex-wife with a 29-year-old woman.

Lorrie Nantz Photos Jim Nantz Divorcing Has a 29 Year Old Girlfriend

The total alimony and support award of $916,000 a year is somewhat less than the more than $1.5 million Lorrie Nantz had been seeking in alimony and child support.

In addition, the judge required Nantz to turn over the couple’s six-bedroom home on Imperial Avenue in Westport to his ex-wife along with all the furnishings. She also will get the condominium on Terra Nova Circle in Westport occupied by her mother.

He retains the contract on a $1 million condo in Deer Valley, Utah.

Nantz must also pay $70,000 toward the country club membership of his wife’s choice.

Nantz still has the option of fighting the judge’s decision, so now the question is, will he?

Jim Nantz divorce deal: Pays wife $1M per year, gives her his two homes

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Nantz’s attorney, Gaetano Ferro of New Canaan,¬†told the Associated Press¬†Tuesday that the famed sportscaster only wants what’s best for his daughter and will not fight the terms of the divorce decree.

“He always wanted a peaceful resolution of an unfortunate situation,” Ferro said. “He never wanted a trial, never wanted it to come out this way, never wanted a public spectacle. He wants to put it behind him.”

Cynthia George, Lorrie Nantz’s Greenwich-based attorney, said she and her client had no comment except that they were pleased with the decision.

I’m not disputing that Nantz wants what’s best for his daughter, but let’s face it, he wanted to get this out of the media as quickly as possible. $1M per annum and the two houses may seem stiff, but despite what the judge wrote in his decree, Nantz did cheat on his wife, and he won’t have to fork over nearly half of his salary from here on out.

If Nantz had lived in California, he would’ve lost considerably more yearly income.

He actually appears to have lucked out.