Nantz: “Jonas Bros. Biggest Thing Since Beatles”

Hard to do a post that involves Don Imus that doesn’t goof on the rapidly fossilizing radio personality, but Jim Nantz provides cover for the I-Man* on this one.

Jim Nantz: Jonas Brothers Biggest Thing Since The Beatles

(Dude. Dude? Dude!)

Nantz appeared on Imus’ radio show last Friday and the discussion, regrettably, uturned to popular music.

They’re great, I saw them for times in concert last year. I did, I did! And I got to meet them, Joe and Kevin and Nick. These guys are going to be the biggest thing since the Beatles.

Why are you (to Imus) questioning my manhood? Because I think the Jonas brothers are a great act? Why wouldn’t I (go to a Jonas brothers concert)? I recognize talent. … By the fourth time I knew all the lyrics to their songs, they’re great. … I hope Bernie (Imus Producer) saves this tape, in 15 years … (voice trails off)

What didn’t make the video clip was Nantz later clarifying that his judgement was based on the actual cubic mass of the Jonas Brothers vs. The Beatles.

Okay, I made that last part up.

If that wasn’t enough, Nantz dropped some hip hop knowledge on us today on the Colts-Jets broadcast.

Jim Nantz kills hip hop and the Beatles in 48 hours.

As you can see, it went over about as well as his Beatles critique.

* For those outside the tri-state, Imus’ self-appropriated nickname. I think.