Myers Was ‘Kidding’ With Quit Comment To Cole?

Tweet from Philadelphia sportscaster Leslie Gudel today:

Brent Myers was kidding in comment to Cole Hamels according to Philadelphia media member

(Even if he was kidding, Myers made the right move)

There are some circumstances that lead me to believe that Gudel could be right.

The writer who noted Brett Myers comment to Cole Hamels, Tim Brown, is an L.A.-based reporter who did not cover the Phillies beat this season and doesn’t have an in-depth working relationship with either player. Also, Brown noted that he did not hear the comment first-hand, reporting it via a third party.

Brown reported that Phillies players were “disturbed” by Myers’ comment and Charlie Manuel sounded perplexed in response to hearing about it. Perhaps that indicates that those responding parties had not talked to Myers or Hamels when they were queried by Brown about the quip.

Whether joking or not, Myers’ comment certainly contained a tinge of truthful sentiment and I still stand behind that Hamels needed to be knocked down a peg or two by a teammate. That was a good start.