More On Photo Of 18 Ladies In NBA Baller’s Limo

This photo of the inside of a limousine currently adorns the Twitter account of Denver Nugget J.R. Smith as its background image.

JR Smith Limo Photo: 18 Women

(How did Smith find them? Try his Twitter timeline sometime)

Smith put the image up the first week of October, and it’s just now starting to get some play around the web on various message boards and blogs.

So what’s the story behind the photo?

It turns out the picture comes from the Facebook account of Smith’s younger brother Chris, who plays hoops at Louisville.

J.R. and Chris haven’t been forthcoming about the exact date and circumstances of the photo, though it may have been shot when the Smith brothers were partying in South Beach in early June.

That’s when this Tweet was sent out by one of J.R.’s *friends*:

J.R. Smith South Beach Tweet

It’s a good thing the brothers have been mum about the shot, because the actual reality behind such an image never equals the imagination of what the viewer of the photo can conjure up.

JR Smith Limo Photo: 18 Women

(Are we having FUNNNN!!! yet?)

A little like trying to find hidden meaning in some old Beatles tune that was merely a product of McCartney smoking out in his kitchen one Sunday morning while having beans on toast.