MLB Top Pick Out After Fastball at Woman’s Head

Former top pick Matt Bush found a second chance with the Toronto Blue Jays two months ago after being released by the San Diego Padres following his last escapade: attacking high school lacrosse students while shouting, “I’m Matt (naughty word) Bush!”.

Passed out drunk and drawn upon

(If you do this to Matt Bush, he will end you)

He will now get to test the axiom about charms and third times as the Blue Jays have tossed him from the birdcage unceremoniously.  He spent his brief time with the minor league Dunedin (FL) Blue Jays allegedly throwing a baseball at a young woman’s head and banging on her car window because she might have been the one to draw on his face while he was passed out.

We don’t know how else to put this for Mr. Bush since we’ve already tried humor, so here goes: the man pictured below was the last one to score an 80 on the scouting scale (20-80) for drunken antics by a baseball player.

Josh Hancock

He’s dead.