MLB’s Breakout Hits: Evan Longoria, Billy Buckner

As we get ready for another summer of the grand ol’ game, BASEBALL CRANK posts about what we really only care about this season: the current best and worst minor league baseball prospect names.

Minor League Names

Of course, we gravitate to the worst (funniest) names, and there are some bad (good) ones in there. #2 on the list is Texas Rangers pitching prospect Kasey “thank god his middle initial is ‘W’ and not ‘K’” Kiker.

Another unfortunately named minor leaguer is Royals farmhand Billy Buckner. As BC alludes, he may soon be the first person in sports history to have “no relation” as his nickname.

Eva Longoria Beach Amazing Ass Photo

(wot a lovely mole she got tha.)

And Tampa Bay third base prospect Evan Longoria is our final favorite pluck out of the website’s list. Yeah, the name is probably a little embarrassing, but we’re guessing he hasn’t waited in too many lines for the clubs lately. And if we’re ever looking for Spurs floor seats, you know who we’ll be calling.