Milton Bradley Tries To Clobber Royals Announcer

It’s such a joy to see that Milton Bradley hasn’t lost his maniacal edge. The same player who flipped out during a Dodgers game (twice in the same season!) and tore his ACL while arguing with an ump almost outdid himself - by threatening to rip apart a Royals announcer.

Milton Bradley Rangers running

(Milton’s heading this way! Run for your lives!)

The FT. WORTH STAR TELEGRAM reports that after the Rangers’ 11-5 win in Kansas City Wednesday night, Bradley was on a mission to hunt down KC TV play-by-player Ryan Lefebvre, who supposedly made some comments on-air that Milton didn’t appreciate.

Bradley reportedly blew a post-game gasket when he heard Lefebvre making comparisons between himself & another ball player battling past problems:

“We were complimenting Josh Hamilton on how he’s turned his life around and taken responsibility for his mistakes,” said Lefebvre, who partners with analyst Frank White. “Frank and I were having a conversation on how it’s a shame that it doesn’t appear that Milton Bradley has done the same thing in his life.”

Milton Bradley throwing baseballs

As soon as the final out was recorded, Bradley apparently made a beeline for press row, with Rangers manager GM Jon Daniels & manager Ron Washington in hot pursuit of their perturbed player:

A Kansas City police officer was posted outside the TV booth after Bradley climbed four flights of stairs and reached the press level at Kauffman Stadium before being brought back to the clubhouse by Daniels.

Fortunately, Milton didn’t make it all the way to Ryan’s room. Although fisticuffs were avoided, Bradley still returned to the Rangers in a mess:

A visibly upset Bradley was fighting back tears in the clubhouse when speaking to teammates.“All I want to do is play baseball and make a better life for my kid,” Bradley said. “I’m strong, but I’m not that strong.”

Daniels tried to further explain Bradley’s latest blow-up:

“I don’t want to get in details,” Daniels said. “He was upset that somebody that doesn’t know him was passing judgment on TV. The guy’s been a tremendous teammate for us, and it’s obvious he was hurt by those comments.”

Milton Bradley hurt

Meanwhile, Lefebvre responded that he wasn’t trying to take any cheap shots at the surly slugger:

“We weren’t singling out Milton Bradley, but it is an interesting contrast between the two guys. We also spent a lot of time complimenting Milton Bradley, but that’s not what he heard when he was in the clubhouse.

“Everything we talked about tonight was just based on what we had caught on camera that everyone in their living room is watching and just responding to some of the things in this series. There wasn’t any ill-intent.”

With all the eruptions and lack of anger management Milton has demonstrated in the past, it’s not hard to conclude that the guy has some serious issues. It’s time to get some professional help, Milt - for your own safety & the safety of baseball broadcasters everywhere.

(Quickly locks doors & bolts windows)