ESPN’s “E:60″ Ambushes Tejada On Age Question

Miguel Tejada finally told the truth on a troubling matter that could have dire ramifications across the MLB landscape - he’s actually two years older.

Miguel Tejada Astros

The HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports that the Astros shortstop admitted on Thursday that he’s actually 33, not the 31 that’s listed in the team’s media guide. And his admission may have come about after an ESPN appearance.

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During an interview segment for the investigative series “E:60″, Tejada was asked what year he was born in. When he responded with “1976″, the interviewer handed Miguel a copy of the player’s official birth certificate from the Dominican Republic, which listed his birth year as 1974.

After some prodding by the interviewer about the certificate, Tejada finally responded:

“I’m not supposed to be here to talk about this. I’m sorry for you, you don’t have to bring me over here to talk to me about my personal stuff.”

And with that, Miguel took off his mike and walked off the set.

But in talking to a less-confrontational media outlet in the Chronicle, Tejada explains why he made himself two years older:

“I’m a poor kid that wanted to be a professional big leaguer,” he explained as he discussed his reasoning for claiming he was 17 instead of 19 to sign with the Oakland A’s in 1993. “I was thinking that was the only way that I could help my family. By the time we did it, it wasn’t because we wanted to do anything wrong to be a professional.

“The scout just did it just because at that time I was two years older than I (told them). And to play in the Dominican Summer League you got to be like 17. That’s why he changed the year. Because the only change is the year.”

However, Tejada’s life is not a total lie. His green card and drivers license both list his correct birthdate of May 25, 1974. So, no forgery there.

And Astros manager Ed Wade doesn’t seem to be too concerned with Miguel’s age issues:

Fact of the matter is that he plays like he’s 25, so I don’t think it really matters a whole lot.”

But if Tejada is willing to fib about his age, how honest will he be when the congressional steroids committees come calling?