Michelle Wie, Robin Lopez Apparently A Hot Item

Ramona Shelburne of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED pens a piece on a day in the life of Stanford’s 7-foot-1 basketball brothers Brook & Robin Lopez.

Michelle Wie Robin Lopez dating

While skimming through the tall tales of Disney infatuation and Michael Jackson fandom, we came across a short blurb of interest:

Robin is dating Stanford’s current most famous female coed, golf phenom Michelle Wie, although both have tried to keep things as quiet as possible.

Being a sports celebrity in her own right, it figures that if Michelle was going to hook up with anyone at school, it would be with the Big Man On Campus. Literally.

Wonder what kind of review process Robin had to go through to get Mr. & Mrs. Wie’s approval to date their daughter - considering these are the same parents that bought a house in Palo Alto just to keep a closer eye on her.

And that’s assuming Wie’s folks even know they’re dating. If they don’t, well - surprise!