Amanda Beard On Phelps Prospects: “Ewww, No!”

Remember those rumors that Amanda Beard was romantically linked to Ocho Oros himself, Michael Phelps? Consider them squashed. Phelps flatly denied them, while Beard went a step further, basically acting like the high school prom queen when asked if she made out with the president of the A/V Club.

Michael Phelps Amanda Beard

MSNBC.COM reports that Beard was a guest on something called “The Johnjay and Rich Show” (which undoubtedly involves some sort of “zany morning zoo crew”), and was asked about the romantic reports.

Her response? “Ewww, no! has audio of the entire appearance, and suffice it to say that the “No. 1 Michael Phelps Fan” from those AT&T commercials would gouge Beard’s eyes out if she ever hears this.

Beard later went on to also say that she “has really good taste” as a way to further explain that she would never consider dating Phelps. Ouch. She also later said that he ate boogers and probably had cooties as well.

Even if you’ve won eight gold medals, it has to be a slap in the face to have a woman who was featured in PLAYBOY & has been named by some magazines as “The Sexiest Athlete in the World” basically say she wouldn’t sleep with you if you were the last guy on Earth.

Especially since you consider that she, to quote Bob Eubanks, made whoopie with this guy. When your eight gold medals can’t compete with the winner of the Duralube Max Life Auto Quest 300, who is best known for doing a back flip off of his car (whoopty-doo!), that has to hurt.