Michael Irvin Donating Money To High School Alma Mater

IRVIN GIVES GREEN TO SCHOOL THAT MADE HIM WHO HE IS: The FORT LAUDERDALE SUN-SENTINEL cashes in on the news that Michael Irvin will donate $100,000 to the school that “made him into the man he is today.”

Michael Irvin Bail Bonds

No, it’s not bail money for the University of Miami. The bills are earmarked for St. Thomas Aquinas High School, where Irvin spent his formative years.

Wrecked Classroom

The money is scheduled to help pay for the expansion of athletic facilities already underway. It’s good to know none of it will be wasted on frivolous things like books or desks.

Michael Irvin Injured Eagles Fans

So let’s all thank St. Tommy’s for giving us the Michael Irvin we all know and love. Why, here’s a standing ovation from some fine folks in Philly.