Fans Tossed For Sitting Through National Anthem

Two men attending a Connecticut high school basketball game were forced from the premises when they sat during the national anthem.

american flag

The men, Jeffrey Green and Aaron Johnson were in attendance with their wives when they were confronted by New Britain High School athletic director Lenny Corto and asked to leave.

Green and Johnson are now suing the school, saying that their rights to free speech were violated. The two men gave their accounts to WTNH.COM:

“We wasn’t moving at first. We was asking why, why you kicking us out? We want to know why and he said, ‘Cause of the National Anthem…’ I think the expectation is to stand but I think everybody has a right if they want to stand or not,”

And he says, the athletic director singled them out.”

In order to get to us, he had to go over about four or five rows that had fans in there that weren’t standing up.”

My one national anthem story comes from a Clemson football game, where I was standing directly in front of some young adult who thought it would be funny to mock the words of the anthem while others around them were paying respects to their country, and to the freedoms that it provided them. This was about two years ago, and to this day, I regret not punching that kid in the face.

Yes, one could argue that it’s a person’s right to not stand for the anthem. But in doing so, one ignores where that very right originates. Exercising free speech, while ignoring how one is able to enjoy that right, is cowardly. And possibly, depending on the outcome of the lawsuit, quite lucrative. God bless America.