Melo’s Fiancee Furiously Fights Fan, Gets Ejected

A lot of the off-court news from the Nuggets-Mavericks playoff series has focused on the war of words between Mavs owner Mark Cuban and Lydia Moore, mother of Nugs forward Kenyon Martin. Now that their feud appears to be winding down, America needs a new off-court “thugs and punks” story to keep its ADD-riddled citizens entertained.

LaLa Vasquez

(Oh sure, she looks happy now…)

Thankfully, for the good of the nation, some new Melo-drama has come along to entertain us all. Last night, MTV personality and Carmelo Anthony fiancee LaLa Vasquez decided to start a feud of her own with an unnamed Mavericks fan that ended with Vasquez being escorted from the premises. Score one for the Mavs. Video proof that money can’t buy class, as well as a hearty dose of schadenfreude, after the jump.

NBC DALLAS/FORT WORTH just so happened to catch the foofaraw in action. It’s NSFW … for deaf folks and lip readers:

The story contains no details about what started the feud, or if Vasquez waited outside the arena for the offending Mavs fan after the game. In the absence of details, our imagination runs wild, so we’ll just assume there was a fight to the death, with Vasquez coming out victorious after smothering the wayward Dallas supporter with her breast implants. Go forth and spread the rumor, Internet!