Meet The First Indian People To Meet Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds might not be playing baseball these days, but he hasn’t given up on the game altogether. Seems that between attemps to drop off the face of the Earth, he’s giving baseball lessons to a couple of Indian pitchers — and I don’t mean Cliff Lee and Fausto Carmona. He even had them over to the house.

Million Dollar Arm Indian pitchers

(Their best pitch is the “wicked googly”)

The Million Dollar Arm is like American Idol, except it’s in India and instead of a pop star they wade through thousands of cricket bowlers with good arms to find two who get the opportunity to try and be the first Indian to play pro baseball in the U.S. The winners then travel to America, play some games for a small Christian school in So Cal, and write an unintentionally hilarious blog.

Excerpts, and details of the Bonds meeting, after the jump

Dinesh Kumar Patel writes in his blog that a USC coach who he and fellow hurler Rinku Singh have been training with took them to see Bonds, whose house was a source of great wonder:

Mr. Bonds sir has the finest house anyone could ever imagine.  He has many animals that he has hunted and preserved to display.  He has his own real movie theater.  he also has many cars and a gym just like the one at USC.  He even has a mirror that turns into a TV!  GAZAB!

Gazab indeed. And while the mirror contraption sounds impressive, I’m pretty sure it’s just a 60-inch Samsung LCD that Dinesh saw his reflection in before Barry turned it on.

They even got some pointers from the man himself:

Mr. Bonds sir studied our pitching with us and gave us many strategies of how to improve.

Because nobody knows pitching like Barry Bonds (sir).

Dinesh then makes a suitable comparison for his Indian friends:

For those of you in India who don’t know who Barry Bonds is…  It would be like going to Sachin (Tendulkar)’s house to get lessons from him on cricket.

It’s exactly the same, since I assume this Sachin character was completely ostracized by his sport and forced into an exile where greeting Indian reality stars is considered a big day.

Rinku writes that their English is getting better since they started chilling with American friends who have terrible taste in movies:

the other day one of the players on USC team saw another player eating and he said, “What are you cracking on DAWG.”

In America that means what are you eating my friend.  Friends call each other DAWG here.  Very weird.

We saw a great film today - BLUE STREAK.  It was very funny with great action.

Their other favorite movies, so far, are Bad Boys and The Scorpion King, with “an actor who is known as ‘The Rock’ for his only name.”

They also apparently think its normal to buy 371 pounds of nuts when they go to the store:

We went to buy some almonds and cashews, which cost us $43. Rinku gave 100 bucks to the cashier and walked off without the change. Thank God the cashier called us back to return the 57 dollars.

How is all of this not on TV here? I could go on for like five hours about these guys. Seriously, just read this blog for yourself.