McDonald’s Ad: “I’m Lovin’ It When China Wins”

The Olympics are supposed to be about the spirit of competition among nations although we all know the games are about making money. With that in mind, McDonald’s is seizing the opportunity to promote its brand - even if it’s at the expense of America.

McDonald's Selling Out To The Chinese For Olympics

Ronald, Grimace, the Hamburglar, and the other characters at McDonald’s have chosen the slogan “Wo jiu xihuan Zhongguo ying,” for their Chinese marketing campaign. When translated the phrase means “I love it when China wins.” Think “I’m Lovin’ It” with a sino addendum.

This is problematic for several reasons with the top being that McDonald’s is openly supporting the Chinese. Brian Sullivan of the Fox Business Channel breaks sums up how all Americans should feel.

“Supporting the host nation is one thing … and you’re spending a lot of money on the Games and it’s appreciated. But show your appreciation to the American athletes and don’t openly pander to China’s Olympic fervor. Remember: you are an American company. You were built here”

It’s hard to believe that McDonald’s couldn’t come up with a way to appease the Chinese government without turning their back on the United States. As American as McDonald’s seems they’re still a money grubbing corporation that will do anything for a few extra bucks. Americans should voice their displeasure by boycotting McDonald’s during the Beijing Olympics.