McDaniels Taunted Chargers: ‘We Own You Guys’

Earlier today I posted that San Diego’s XPRS-AM radio reporter Marty Caswell reported there was a rumor going around Invesco Field in Denver that Broncos Coach Josh McDaniels had “taunted” the Chargers linebackers before the Broncos lost to San Diego 32-3.

Josh McDaniels Taunts Chargers Linebackers Before Game In Denver

Chargers Linebackers Shawne Merriman and Stephen Cooper confirmed to Caswell after the game that McDaniels had indeed taunted them, with the coach reportedly saying to the San Diego linebackers group, “We own you guys.”

Cooper and Merriman weren’t the only Chargers reacting to McDaniels. Caswell reports that Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips was next to pile on the coach.

Phillips is referring to a Broncos’ onside kick earlier in the third quarter, with Denver already trailing 20-3. The Chargers recovered the kickoff and prompted scored a touchdown, icing the game.

McDaniels’ gambling style of coaching has mostly backfired on the Broncos this season - but that’s something most fans can live with. But inappropriate emotional outbursts at opponents, who then proceed to humiliate you, is a whole ‘nother story. That’s something perhaps McDaniels’ mentor, Bill Belichick, can get away with. But not a first year coach, no matter his prized pedigree.

UPDATE: Jim Trotter of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED confirms Caswell’s report about McDaniels’ taunt directed at Charger players. Trotter adds: “McDaniels’ response apparently was due to something Shaun Phillips said to McDaniels or the Broncos as they came out.”

UPDATE (10:30 pm ET): Kevin Acee of the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE reports Sunday night:

McDaniels said after the game as he headed to his car that the Chargers “talked to me first.”

He then said, “I’m not making a story about this. If I did, I’d be able to tell you some things that aren’t for papers.”

Why do I have a feeling the Denver and San Diego media isn’t going to let this one go, and that it will come up again tomorrow?