Mayfield Sues to be Allowed to Race Poorly Again

Jeremy Mayfield, victim of pollen and a short attention span for far too long, has demanded his day in court to get back on the track after his May 9 indefinite suspension for what has now been revealed to be an amphetamine.

Jeremy Mayfield

Mayfield continues to claim Adderall and Claritin-D conspired against him in his bloodstream to create a false positive while NASCAR continues to laugh at that explanation (but in a more professional manner).  The matter will be first adjudicated Wednesday.

There will be no group hugs when this is over.  Mayfield claims he never gave permission to test his “B” pee sample, but NASCAR disagrees.  NASCAR claims the list of banned substances is clear, but the drivers would sure like a new copy.  Or a first one.

One part yet to be explained: Adderall containes amphetamine.  That should be an ex post facto situation, but it apparently is not.  Hopefully, some of these questions will be cleared up Wednesday.  However, don’t be surprised if NASCAR and Mayfield just go around in circles for awhile.