Mavs’ Mark Cuban Admits To Minor Marijuana Use

With the way Mark Cuban sometimes carries on, many fans must wonder, “What’s this guy smoking?” The answer, of course, is marijuana.

Mark Cuban Fetish Porn

Tom Ziller of AOL FANHOUSE tokes up news that the Mavericks owner admitted he managed a little mary jane consumption in the past. Cuban’s confession came during a recent visit to Dan Patrick’s radio show (still live in three markets!) , where the duo were discussing Josh Howard’s purported post-season pot use.

Patrick asked Cuban if he cares whether Howard smokes or not. And Mark was honest in his answer:

“I’d be a hypocrite if I said ‘yes’ because I’ve inhaled, and when I inhaled I coughed a couple lungs out. And so I was never a big fan of smoking, but if I’ve tried it I can’t look at somebody and say, ‘How can you try it?’ That’s just terrible. […] Again, I’d just be hypocritical if I said, ‘Josh, smoking pot is just the worst thing you could possibly do.’”

But it still is the worst thing a professional athlete can do - other than making it rain or punishing pit bulls.

However, Cuban’s past doobage does explain his banishment of bloggers and building of underground bunker suites. It’s all because of pot-produced paranoia! They’re all out to get him!