Matt Leinart Is Absentee Father, Charges Mother Brynn Cameron

MATT LEINART’S BABY MOMMA - NO. 7 IS AN ABSENTEE DAD: If you thought this recent piece in the VENTURA (CA) DAILY STAR on the mother of Matt Leinart’s out-of-wedlock son, Brynn Cameron, escaped our gaze, you would be wrong.

Matt Leinart

The story, which includes an adorable photo of mother and son (sans the VIP-inside-the-VIP), has Cameron charging that Leinart has zero role in the upbringing of his only son: “It’s kind of hard for me as the mom — I’m with Cole probably 99.9 percent of the time — to open a magazine or read a newspaper article with Matt saying, Oh, I love being a dad. I love changing diapers. I love doing this. I’m like, Wait, what?’ I don’t know how to word how he is about this, but it’s been hard when I’m doing all the work, but he gets all the credit for it.“The Star also reports that Cameron said that Leinart “comes and goes whenever he wants.”

Cameron: “I don’t want to sit here and bad-mouth his lifestyle, but it is hard because we are different people. He likes that Hollywood stuff and I don’t like that and raising a kid together, you have to work together as parents, but we’re so different.

Brynn Cameron Matt Leinart

It’s hard, but I have to raise Cole to be a strong, secure kid so he knows what’s right and wrong, what’s good and bad and what really matters in life, which isn’t what’s going on in Hollywood or who’s dating who. That’s not what it’s all about, and I think he’ll know that being raised by me.“And in a shocking development, “The Star’s attempts to reach Leinart through the Arizona Cardinals were unsuccessful.

UPDATE: As you might expect our friends in Westwood are enjoying the piece rather heartily.