Matt Leinart Demands VIP Labyrinth Charges Patrons For Birthday Party

WHEN MATTY HITS THE PINK VODKA HE CAN GET “HANDSY”: The ARIZONA REPUBLIC reports on Matt Leinart’s birthday party last weekend: “So Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart kicked off his 24th birthday celebration Saturday afternoon, May 19, at the Mondrian Scottsdale.

Matt Leinart

Celebrities who partied by the pool with him included Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo.

Matt Leinart Goofy Face

Following a private barbecue, Leinart and his friends made their way to Skybar and continued celebrating VIP style until the club opened to the general public at 10:30 p.m.

Party with the unwashed? Please.

Matt Leinat

Eventually the celebration, smattered with VIPs (Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire and Terrell Owens (perfect!)) moved to a Scottsdale club called Axis-Radius.

Matt Leinart Paris Hilton

The club sold tickets to the night for $20 to commoners, but predictably, you weren’t allowed to step to any of the VIP areas. As you might expect, “Little Matty” demanded “a VIP within the VIP and the key to this puzzle was a blue wristband that he personally handed out to friends earlier that day. This room was where Leinart stayed for most of the night.

That’s also where Leinart no doubt imbibed in the special drink concocted for his big night: Pink Vodka.

Matt Leinart Playboy Playmate

But much to everyone’s relief, Leinart “did make it out of the VIP room around 1 a.m. He meandered around the entire floor wearing what looked like an effortless smile while high-fiving his fellow athletes and getting especially handsy with women.

Matt Leinart Drunk

Uh, if you’re a female at a Matt Leinart-sponsored event, “handsy” isn’t in your vocabulary.