Matt Kemp On Rihanna Relationship: “Hanging Out”

Matt Kemp guested on Fox Sports Radio on Thursday, chatting with co-hosts Chris Myers and Steve Hartman. Both hosts wasted little time in noting Kemp’s relationship with Rihanna while pressing for details.

Matt Kemp and Rihanna in Cabo

(Awww, hopeless romantics those two!)

Hartman first pointed out Rihanna’s recent birthday before asking Kemp, “Did you buy her a diamond necklace?”

Kemp to Hartman: “C’mon guys… (laughs) … y’all are killing me, man.

Myers: “Are you guys dating, can you clarify that?”

Kemp: “That’s just a good friend of mine. A very good friend of mine we enjoying hanging out with each other and just having fun.

Hartman then asked Kemp what common interests the two have.

Kemp: “She’s a great person who loves to watch basketball. She likes basketball. … I’m a basketball guy. I’ve been to a couple games (with her).”

Myers: “How did you two meet?

Kemp: “How did we meet? (pause) I thought we were talking about baseball guys? (laughs)

Myers then asked Kemp if he was prepared for the scrutiny dating a celebrity like Rihanna will bring.

Kemp: “It is what it is, if that’s what it comes with, that’s what it comes with. I’m just going to try to continue to hit home runs and help my team get to the World Series.”

Obviously Kemp was uncomfortable talking about the relationship, so the hosts moved on to another topic.

With Rihanna recently flying from Australia to Phoenix to celebrate her 22nd birthday with Kemp (and a midget stripper), I think it is now safe to assume that they are more than just friends “hanging out.”

Rihanna gets midget stripper from Matt Kemp

Though Kemp downplaying things is actually an advisable move for the moment. If Kemp and Rihanna do remain together for an extended period, at some point the singer will have to give in to the gossips and confirm they are serious. (If she doesn’t, it’ll come off as Kemp using her.)

If and when that does happen, the announcement will be carefully choregraphed with Rihanna’s handlers scripting everything.

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