Matt Cassel Would Like To Thank Bernard Pollard

Last season turned out to be a pretty magical one for Matt Cassel. He went from being a career backup to guys like Matt Leinart while at USC and Tom Brady while playing for the Patriots, to the starting quarterback in New England, finishing 11-5 and just missing the playoffs. He was then rewarded for being competent by getting franchised by the Patriots to the tune of $14.65 million to back up Brady again next season.

Then Matt was traded over the weekend to the Kansas City Chiefs, which is pretty ironic when you think about it  After all, the only reason Cassel got a chance to play in 2008 was because the Chiefs’ Bernard Pollard took out Tom Brady’s knee in Week One, ending the Golden Boy’s season. So now that Cassel and Pollard are teammates, Matt knows what he has to do.

From GAME ON!:

“Oh gosh. Now he is a teammate and I know that it wasn’t intentional. Nobody likes to see anybody go down, I’m sure including himself. I will talk to him and say hello, say thank you for the opportunity, but you never want to see anybody get hurt out there.”

Thank him for the opportunity? That’s it?

You’re going to make $14 million this year, Matt.

Maybe instead of thanking Pollard, you should cut him a check. I mean, none of this ever happens for you if he doesn’t take Brady’s knee out on that play. He should be getting a bigger cut of that contract than your agent.