Mascots For 2010 Vancouver Olympics Introduced

2010 OLYMPIC MASCOTS UNLEASHED TO A WEARY WORLD: Now the news you’ve all been waiting for - here come your 2010 Vancouver Olympics mascots!

Vancouver Olympics mascots

The Vancouver Organizing Committee has unleashed their official marketing figures and set up a web site to introduce their creations to the world.We have Miga, a cute little sea bear; Quatchi, a young sasquatch; and Sumi, described as an “animal spirit” with the wings of a thunderbird and legs of a bear.

When visiting each character’s web page, Miga, Quatchi and Sumi proudly exclaim their name in Pokemon-like fashion when the mouse is moved over their images.

Beijing Olympics mascots

Upon closer examination, our new furry friends do bare a resemblance to the characters created for the 2008 Beijing Games. The IOC must have gotten a good 2-for-1 deal with the same graphic designer.

Izzy Olympic mascot

Still, it’s an improvement over Izzy the Olympic Whatizit.