Marvin Harrison’s Accuser Guilty Of Lying To Cops

Remember last April when some guy claimed that Marvin Harrison shot him near a Philadelphia garage owned by the NFL receiver? Yeah, it turns out that this guy might not be so reliable.

Marvin Harrison

Dwight Dixon, who claims Harrison shot him in the hand, was convicted today of making false statements to police surrounding the incident and sentenced to six months probation. It’s not clear exactly what statement got Dixon in trouble, but at various times he claimed he was either assaulted by random street toughs or shot by an unidentified man outside the garage. Then, he settled on pointing the finger at Harrison.

Dixon must not have had a particularly convincing defense, because his trial began this morning and was done before court adjourned for the day.

The PHILLY INQUIRER describes the scene in the courtroom after Dixon’s sentence was handed down:

Because Dixon had not been told of his constitutional right to not incriminate himself, and was already represented by a lawyer who advised him not to speak with police, Simmons would not allow the two statements to be used against him.

Despite the verdict and sentence, the imposing, heavyset Dixon and the courtroom were stunned when deputy sheriffs clapped handcuffs on him and moved to take him into custody.

Dixon’s conviction apparently activated a state parole detainer because it would have been a violation of his probation in an unrelated case.

It was only after defense attorney Robert M. Gamburg said Dixon would appeal and seek a new trial in Common Pleas Court that Simmons stayed her sentence and Dixon walked out of court.

Police believe that Dixon was somehow involved in the incident at the garage last April, and was not just an innocent bystander. Basically, it looks like Dixon was looking for a way to get paid, and since Harrison was linked the property he figured he might as well go after the multi-millionaire. Because he initially said he was mugged by two men on the street, his subsequent lawsuit against Harrison meant that one of those stories wasn’t true.

For what it’s worth, it was Harrison’s gun that was used in the shooting, according to the Philadelphia D.A. But everyone who was there that day is telling a different story, so the investigation isn’t really being pursued any further.