Mark Cuban Sniffs Around Wrigley Field Again

Mark Cuban, fresh from lopping the head off his defeated and demoralized Dallas Mavericks, took a jaunt north to Wrigley Field to check out the place again while waiting for the Tribune Co. to open the books and make a bid possible. In typical Cub fan fashion, he left in the fifth inning when the Cubs took a huge lead. Had to get to the Cubby Bear for drink specials, eh?

Mark Cuban

While Cuban’s expected bid will be the least likely to succeed (as long as Bud Selig is alive… hmm), it’s also the most entertaining from his mouthiness to his depth of understanding when it comes to sports business. Besides, how could a Pittsburgh native screw up a baseball franch…

Oh, no.

Naturally, the books aren’t open yet because Sam Zell (current incompetent owner) wants to divvy up the pie (no, not that one) as much as possible before the sale to create more money in his vulgar pockets. Also, there’s some sense that Zell would like to outlast the economic downturn and give more time for banks to find more money to lend for a bigger sale.

Unfortunately, that day looks further away each month and Zell’s heavily debt-laden purchase of Tribune Co. may require selling the Cubs before he can complete his diabolical plans just so he doesn’t default on his own loans. Therefore, look for one of Selig’s cronies to be owner soon and the Nuttings looking over their shoulders in Pittsburgh shortly.

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