Mark Cuban Kept Out of TV Spotlight During Cubs Game

CUBAN PRESENCE CENSORED OUT OF CUBS TV BROADCAST: Mark Cuban was bumming around the Wrigley bleachers last Monday night, but you wouldn’t have known it from watching the game on TV:

Mark Cuban singing Cubs

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports that the Cubs told Comcast SportsNet - the station broadcasting the game - not to show images or talk about Cuban’s presence that night.

The Maverick owner has been rumored as a possible purchaser of Chicago’s NL franchise. However, even if the dancing fool were to buy the team, the sale would have to be approved by 75% of the other Major League owners, along with Commissioner Bud Selig.


And the chances of that happening are the same as the Nationals moving back to Montreal.

Still, long-suffering Cub fans & players can always dream. Derrek Lee said he would welcome Cuban to the owner’s box, and even let him on TV:

I would love for him to be the owner….He’s an exciting guy, and a guy who wants to win.”

Jerry Reinsdorf Bud Selig

Meanwhile, SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY finds PTI’s Michael Wilbon weighing in on Cuban’s desire to corral the Cubs. He calls the meddling by Selig and White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf “one of the great conflicts of interest of all time.”

Wilbon finds it awkward that “a guy running a competing business eight miles to the South can have a say in who buys the rival team in town.”