Blog-O-Rama: Marisa Miller Wows ‘Em @ Wrigley

• WITH LEATHER notes the Friendly Confines just got a lot friendlier, as SI cover girl Marisa Miller appears at Wrigley Field to throw out the first pitch:

Marisa Miller Cubs Wrigley Field

Marisa Miller Cubs

• Tuesday night, SbB gets back in the live blog groove, as we cover Game 2 between the Spurs & Suns. Should be a big hit!

• SUPERSONIC SOUL digs up some old video of David Stern praising Seattle’s Key Arena.

• BASKETBAWFUL follows their nose, as Tyson Chandler gets a whiff of Dirk Nowitzki’s pits.

• This should go well - MONDESI’S HOUSE drinks in news that shirtless Steelers wonder Jeff Reed will be showing up at a minor league team’s Thirsty Thursday game.

• Speaking of the Steelers, DEADSPIN averts their eyes, as Santonio Holmes drops his Terrible Towel.

• RUMORS AND RANTS shows some love for these underappreciated sports flick chicks.

Clay Travis of CBS SPORTSLINE warns the blogosphere on the price of annuled anonymity on the Internet.

• I’M WRITING SPORTS pitches along news that last season’s Rookie of the Year candidates are experiencing sophomore slumps.