Man Murders Cheerleader To Prove Love To Wife

Christmas is going to be here sooner than you think, and for you married men out there the pressure is on to find your wife the right gift or you risk not getting any for a while.  But what do you get her?  What can you buy that proves your love and devotion?  History shows that diamonds often do the trick, and the bigger the better, but at the same time it’s been done.  You want something unique to give your wife, and there’s only one thing you can do: kill a high school cheerleader.

That’s what Pernell Thompson did, and now his marriage is better than ever.  You see, Pernell is only 20 years old and he’s married to a woman named Yolanda Thompson.  Well, a while back Pernell strayed and had a relationship with 16-year old Marisha Jeter, a cheerleader at Union County High School in South Carolina.  His wife found out, and needless to say she wasn’t happy about it.  So she wasn’t satisfied when Pernell stopped seeing Marisha, and wanted a solution that was more permanent.  Which is probably why she had Pernell stab the girl to death while she held her down.


Investigators said that Thompson stabbed 16-year-old Marisha Jeter to death while his wife, Yolanda Thompson, held the girl down. The Thompsons are accused of then throwing Jeter’s body in the Broad River and burning her car.

Jeter was a Union County High School cheerleader. Her body was found by art students taking pictures of the river.

According to investigators, Pernell Thompson had a relationship with Jeter while he was married to Yolanda Thompson. He killed Jeter to prove his love to his wife, prosecutors said.

Because nothing says I love you more or brings a couple closer together than stabbing a young woman to death.  Nevermind the fact that it was Pernell who cheated on his wife — or the fact that Marisha was underage to boot — it was the girl who deserved to die.

Pernell was in court yesterday where he was told that prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty, but the article says nothing about a trial for Yolanda.  Hopefully she’ll get what’s coming to her as well, for in the words of the great Samuel L. Jackson, “Yes, they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell!”