Mack Brown: Get Vince Young’s HOF Bust Ready

You would hope that college coaches would continue to have their former player’s backs after they leave for the NFL. (Are you paying attention, Pete Carroll?) That’s certainly the case with Texas boss Mack Brown and his former quarterback Vince Young. And for good reason: before Young came to Texas, Brown was on the hot seat as a coach who couldn’t win the big game. One National Title later, and Brown is pretty much untouchable.

Vince Young and Mack Brown

So it’s not surprising that Brown would continue to support Young even after his - let’s just say “rough” - 2008 season. But there’s “support” and then there’s “complete and utter lunacy,” which is where Brown went in an interview with NEWS 8 AUSTIN. Saying that Young’s NFL career isn’t dead? Fine. But that Young is going to be in the Hall of Fame? Yikes. When I hear “Vince Young” and “bust” in the same sentence, it usually doesn’t involve the Hall of Fame.

“He set such a high standard for himself at not only Madison High School, but at Texas where he was 30-2 and with the Titans being in the Pro Bowl in his rookie year that that standard is hard to feed. He has to continue to work to play at the highest level. I still think he will win a Super Bowl and be inducted into the Hall of Fame when he finishes.”

This is exactly what Young needs after a season where not only his talent but his mental health was called into question: his former coach placing ridiculous expectations on him. Later, Brown said that he thinks Young will “find the cure for cancer” and “solve the crisis in the Middle East,” and that if he doesn’t, he is a “total loser.”

Brown also addressed the reports that Young contemplated quitting the NFL after getting benched for 72-year-old Kerry Collins, saying that “I think about quitting too” every time Texas loses, so he understands where Young was coming from. I guess, but the last time I checked, Austin police weren’t going door-to-door looking for a distraught Brown after the Longhorns lost to Texas Tech. (Although to be fair, that game would make me want to quit too.)