Lute Olson & Wife Trade Divorce Barbs On Radio

Lute Olson decided to take his divorce squablings to the public airwaves - and soon-to-be ex-wife Christine quickly followed suit.

Lute & Christine Olson

The Arizona basketball coach called in to the Johnjay & Rich show on Phoenix radio station 93.7 KRQ Friday morning, to discuss an article in the ARIZONA DAILY STAR about financial issues between the Olsons.

As reported in the Star article, Christine had filed legal papers claiming that Lute was moving money out of the couple’s joint accounts and into a personal account in his name only. Lute countered that such transfers were okay based on an informal agreement between the two.

Lute was upset that Christine would file the papers, and that such papers would become public. Furthermore, Lute spoke on air that Christine & her legal crew had dastardly motives for the filing:

“I’ve been told (by Christine’s side) that, ‘I’m going to ruin your reputation. You’re gonna be a dead man in this town.’ These are direct quotes …

“It’s strictly a matter of trying to get publicity, to try to question my integrity, and I don’t think anyone has been able to question my integrity, ever. It’s harassment, and nothing more than that.”

A few minutes after Lute wrapped up his chat, Christine phoned up Johnjay & Rich to offer her side of the story:

“I understand what Lute was saying on the phone, and it’s totally not true. He did move assets after he filed for divorce, and that is against the law. I’ve been trying to settle with him for a long time. I respect him, I respect what he’s done. I’m devastated by all of this …

“He just needs to really be honest and come clean. And I’m really sad. And I’m just tired, and I just wish he’d keep his private matters out of the press.”

This is getting good. Next stop - The People’s Court?

If you’d like to hear both interviews - interspersed with a lot of unrelated & time-consuming chatter - DEADSPIN has a link to the audio.