Lloyd Carr Michael Hart Beatdown Jim Harbaugh Over Academic Accusations

IT’S OFFICIAL - HARBAUGH A PERFECT FIT FOR STANFORD: We recently heard Jim Harbaugh on KLAC-AM’s kickass afternoon show “PMS” in Los Angeles, and he came off as a colossal douchenozzle. In other words, Stanford got their man!

Jim Harbaugh

And apparently, we’re not the only ones who think Harbaugh is a dick. Count Lloyd Carr and UM football captain Michael Hart in our camp (ok, we aren’t exactly sharing a Pinkberry punchcard).

Jim Harbaugh

After the DUI-impaired alleged alternative lifestyle aficionado threw his Alma Mater down the stairs over academics in a May interview with a Frisco media outlet (which is why you probably didn’t hear about it), Carr and Hart returned the favor to the media yesterday - in spades.

Hart: “He’s a guy I have no respect for. He can say what he said and not talk about Michigan. … There’s always a coaching ladder. He coached at San Diego and could have spent a (few) years at Stanford and maybe come to Michigan. But I don’t know what he was thinking. It was a dumb move.

Lloyd Carr

Carr: “Do I think they’re (Harbaugh’s comments) elitist? Yeah. Arrogant? Yes. Self-serving? Yes.

Jim Harbaugh

We don’t know what’s more amazing, the brazen nature of Harbaugh’s remarks, or a U of M coach and player discovering someone more arrogant than they are. But it isn’t exactly a stretch, considering Harbaugh is a Michigan alumnus.