Les Miles Lands Low Blow on Old Pal Nick Saban

You have to imagine that if Nick Saban and Les Miles hung out before the end of last season, their conversation eventually sounded like fantasy football league message board banter. (”So, Daunte over Brees, huh, Nick?” “Kiss my ring, son.”)

Saban and Miles

But now that Les has won his own title (and whipped up on ‘Bama in the process), he’s letting Saban have it. THE TIMES PICAYUNE reports Miles throwing completely unprovoked — albeit hysterical — barbs Alabama’s way during his Tiger Tour 2008 stop in New Orleans.

[…]he managed a quick slight of Alabama when discussing how tough it is to play in the Southeastern Conference and how the 2008 slate includes trips to Auburn and Florida as well as hosting Georgia.

There was no question the attendees still bask in last November’s victory over former LSU head coach and Tide boss Nick Saban, and Miles brought down the house when he urged the faithful “not to make too much of that game as it seems like a lot of teams in Louisiana beat that team,” referencing Alabama’s shocking subsequent loss to Louisiana-Monroe.

Click, click, buuuuuurn. Nothing says celebrating victory like looking back at those you vanquished and stomping on their faces just a little bit more.

But oddly, the below the belt jabs seem out of line for a guy like Miles, who, even in the face of being grilled about the Michigan job last season, somehow managed a “Have a nice day” in the direction of the media.

Then again, maybe Miles is just trying to downplay the Tide’s loss to the Warhawks. After all, if he wanted to really blow it out of proportion, he would have referenced 9/11 and World War II.